Every Child needs a Rescuer

We all are children. Children of our parents, and children of our Creator! When you are in trouble with the law we tend to hide or run away, but it never works, eventually our plan fails and we are coght.

With life it is exactly the same. When we are small we want to be big, and when we are adults we want to be rich or richer. We just carry on and rely on the “self”, maybe we will be happy

Children needs parents, parents has plans, plans which works every time. Maybe not as we want, but is work to the best that we needs.

Our parents also needs to rely on someone! Maybe their parents is still with the living! And if they are not, we don’t have answer or security!

Their is only one Parent which has always time and advice, and an outcome to what is GOOD and RIGHT for us. And through Him we are saved, we are rescued!

Some people don’t believe in the Creator, the All Mighty Loving Parent which has love for every person on this planet. A Parent which has already placed a plan on you path which is good for you! A plan which will bring you closer to TRUE HAPPINESS.

Same try to find this happiness via pleasure, unlawfulness, drugs or money, and THEY DOES NOT FIND PEACE.

YAHUAH is Love and He is Light! and within YAHUSHA you with have PEACE!!

There is only one YAH, ELOHIM… Only one “GOD”, only one PARENT who really loves you!

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