When you belief in Christ you’ve been called a Christian? (New Scriptural writings). But does the Ancient Scriptural Writings say the same?

According to King James Scriptures Acts 11:26 reads:
“. . .And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.”


According to the Palao Hebrew/English Scripture it reads:
“. . .And the talmidim were called Mashiahiyim first in Antiokeia.”

According to the Orodox Jewish Bible it reads:
“. . .And it was in Antioch that the talmidim were first called Ma’aminim HaMeshichiyim (Messianic Believers).”

What does “Messianic” means?

The word “Messianic” is define as:
1. relating to the Messiah. [“the messianic role of YAHUSHA (Jesus)”]
2. fervent or passionate. [“an admirable messianic zeal”]

– What does the word “Christian” means [and what is it origin]?
“Shockingly, the birth of what is known today as CHRISTIANITY did not exist until Constantine united his empire under the name of his newly fabricated god “Jesus Christ.” Thus, Constantine presented the man-made god, Jesus Christ, to be worshiped the world over, and it was this fictitious name that was clandestinely applied to the very pages of Scripture replacing truth for error. Who said the Scriptures remain pure and undefiled? Should we not be wise to discern what else has been changed, manipulated, or removed? The discovery of this grand deception should cause all to study deeper into the mines of truth as for buried treasure that we may find lustrous gold— pure, precious, and undefiled.

Simply, no one was a “Christian” prior to A.D. 325. All the churches that claim to beChristian today are merely daughters of the Roman stylized system of false worship of“Hail Zeus Christna,” with their own sanctified spin and variation on doctrinal beliefs. Prior to that year all of the Messiah’s obedient early believers referred to themselves as the Natsarim (Nazarenes), or were called the Quartodecimen (Fourteeners), my personal favorite, who kept Passover by counting to the 14th day from the full New Moon, as their very name reveals.

This quote below clears up many of the differences between three separate religious groups from A.D. 31 to A.D. 325. These are the Jews, the Natsarim, and the Christians.Although, this translation of the Greek original utilized the incorrect name “Jesus,” it was in correlation with the correct term “Messiah,” instead of “Christ.” While a step in the right direction, the use of the name“Jesus” is still not correct according to what is revealed within the quote itself. This is because “Jesus Christ” is the inseparable name manufactured in Rome, while Yahusha the Messiah was the original name of the personage who laid down His life upon the cross/stake for the sins of mankind. Thus, His followers never conceived of calling themselves “Christians.”

“But these sectarians… did not call themselves Christians – but “Nazarenes” [Natsarim] . . . However they are simply complete Jews. They use not only the New Testament but the Old Testament as well, as the Jews do… They have no different ideas, but confess everything exactly as the Law proclaims it and in the Jewish fashion – except for their belief in Messiah, if you please! For they acknowledge both the resurrection of the dead and the divine creation of all things, and declare that God [Alahim] is one, and that His son is Jesus [Yahusha] the Messiah. They are trained to a nicety in Hebrew. For among them the entire Law (Torah), the Prophets (Nevi-im), and the… Writings (Ketuvim)… are read in Hebrew, as they surely are by the Jews. They are different from the Jews, and different from Christians, only in the following. They disagree with Jews because they have come to faith in Messiah; but since they are still fettered by the Law – circumcision, the Sabbath, and the rest – they are not in accord with Christians . . . they are nothing but Jews… They have the Gospel according to Matthew in its entirety in Hebrew. For it is clear that they still preserve this, in the Hebrew alphabet, as it was originally written.” Epiphanius; Panarion 29, A.D. 374.

All Christianized (Hail Zeus-Christna) churches have accepted the names of pagan entities to receive their worship. Add to this that the rhythm of their worship is according

to the rhythm of the pagan planetary gods, marking the days of their calendar’s continuous weekly cycle. Their pagan holidays have replaced all the Scriptures prophetic set-apart Feast Days and Sabbaths that identify YAHUSHA יהושׁע as the true Messiah of the promise. And last, but not least, all the set-apart days are beaconed by the Creator’s preordained full New Moon for visual confirmation and synchronization.

Among these religious organizations there seems to be an utter lack of interest in reform or a deep desire to learn the truth that they may harmonize their worship rhythms with that of their Creator, and honor His true names. This is not entirely unlike the Catholic Church in the days of Martin Luther. One by one, and for their own particular reasons, each Christianized church clings with tenacity to their beloved, yet, fabricated system of beliefs that are often more in harmony with Catholicism than with Scripture and the Most High Eternal Father and Son, whom they claim to worship.

These discrepancies go unrecognized and unresolved as they are what is familiar, and what is repeated over and over from week to week from the pulpits where tithes and offerings are received in return for more propaganda. Time, repetition, and the club mentality keep good folks locked into whatever is popularly taught within their own organization, providing a sense of belonging, but a false security, nonetheless.

The Christianized churches continue to utilize the fabricated terms to replaceYAHUAH יהוה with “the Lord,” and perpetuate the contrived tradition of replacing YAHUSHA יהושׁע , the Messiah, with “Jesus Christ” (Hail Zeus-Christna). As a result, both the rhythm of worship and who is worshipped no longer resemble the worship required by the Creator, as it is defined in the Tanakh (OT). For they have bartered and traded in the markets of men the true for the false, in order to worship and serve a counterfeit god of their own creation. It was the prince of darkness who once claimed that he would be like the Most High to receive worship belonging only to Elohim, the Creator:

For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into the shamayim, I will exalt my throne above the stars of Elohim; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation [mo’ed, prophetic appointed fixed time], in the sides of the north [path of the sun, moon, and stars]: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High. YeshaYAHU(Isaiah) 14:13-14

This is the point at which the heart that loves the truth should overrule the need to cling tolong held traditions that have turned out to be false. If not, the following verse revealsanother truth that may be hard to swallow as its implications are eternal. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for me. Because you have forgotten the law of your Elohim, I also will forget your children. HosheYAH (Hosea) 4:6

Another important point to consider is that the set-apart name of the Eternal YAHUAHיהוה (YHUH) and His Son, YAHUSHA יהושׁע , were never spelled with a “J,” or pronounced as Jehovah, because there is no “J” or its phonetic equivalent in the Hebrew tongue. Rather, this was an invention as recently as 400 years ago. The 1611 KJV spells the Messiah’s name as Isous, which you can see for yourself online. The Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would do well to change their names, as the use of these falsified names announce to the world the first of their many false teachings.” (From “Constantine’s Creation of Jesus Christ” written by Kerrie L. French from

Let ask ourselves the following questions (and more, if you have any):
– What does Christ really means?
– We know who the Messiah is, but who is “Christ”?
– Is there any difference?

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