Evidence for YAHUSHA (יהושׁע)

This English script above is read left-to-right although in the Hebrew ( (יהושׁע it is reversed. Notice that the first three vowel letters are exactly the same as the Father’s name from right-to left “Yahu.” Next we have the letter “shin” which is “sh” שׁ and finally the “Ayin” ע, which is essentially silent, but is represented by a rough breathing sound in the back of the throat.

The Greco/Roman/English name Jesus would have been unknown to Yahusha. Jesus has no meaning in Hebrew, whereas Yahusha means “Yah, He is salvation.” The one who hung on the stake/tree for us was named Yahusha not someone named Jesus. Why is it that most believers readily accept the free gift of His finished work at the cross, but refuse to acknowledge Him by His Hebrew Name, which was given to Him by His Father, Yahuah? Clearly, we are to call on His Hebrew Name for salvation, but regretfully that has not been
the case in the churches.

If we take a closer look at the Hebrew name for Joshua ( יהושׁע ), we find that it is the clearest example of how our Savior’s name is spelled and pronounced. Strong’s #H3091 spells Joshua’s name in Hebrew as “Yod י-Hay ה–Uau -ו Shin שׁ-Ayin ע.” This is exactly how we spell Yahusha’s ( יהושׁע ) name as well.

Here’s something very enlightening: if we look up the name “Jesus” in Strong’s Dictionary #G2424 it is sounded out as “ee-ay-sooce,” but refers us right back to Joshua in Strong’s (#H3091- .(יהושׁע)

For further proof, is found in Acts 7:45, where we find the name “Joshua” in
our English Scriptures, but what’s amazing is that it is the exact same number in
Strong’s #G2424, which is used for the name “Jesus.”

Names are always transliterated from the source language to the target language by their sounds. Names have meanings, but it is not proper to translate them. In short, names are transliterated by the sound of each letter no matter what the alphabets used may be, just as our own name in English will always sound the same no matter what foreign alphabet it may encounter.

What do we do with the alternative spellings such as Y’shua, Yeshua or Yahshua? Some claim that Y’shua or Yeshua is the shortened, Aramaic form for His Name. Others declare that Yeshua is a form of Yeshu, an unscriptural acronym for Yahusha’s Name and stands for Yemak Shmo U’Zikro, meaning may his name be blotted out. So we can see why this would be a name that the enemy would like us to use because every time we speak Yeshua, we are in essence declaring that His Name be blotted out. The form Yah_shua leaves out the “Uau ו,” which is the vowel letter sound “oo.” 2 Timothy 2:15 tells us we are to “rightly divide the word of truth,” so what has been hidden or whispered in secret is now being shouted from the rooftops.

We learn in Acts 9:15 that Paul was to bear Yahusha’s Name before the nations. It is impossible for Paul to have declared the Greco/Roman/English name “Jesus.” Paul declared the Name of Yahusha; and as His body, so must we. Paul, before he was converted was sent to arrest and kill all those who called upon the true Name. Following his own conversion to the Truth of the Name, by Yahusha Himself, he used it boldly and was stoned several times for it. They would not have stoned him if he had used the name of error we have

Author: Arthur L. White


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