The Torah (including the Ten Commandments) was given –> the slaughtering, meat offerings and burnt offerings was done to set them (the Israelite) free from the judgment of the Law. . . ., but that did not worked. Why?

“. . .the Torah. . . .was never able to make perfect those who draw near with the same slaughter offering which they offer continually year by year” Hebrew 10:1.

“Come to ME (YAHUSHA), all you who labour and are burdened (burden because of transgressing the Law), and I (YAHUSHA) shall give you rest. Take MY yoke upon your and learn from ME, for I am meek and humble in heart and you shall find rest for your beings. For MY yoke is gentle and MY burden is light” Matthew 11:28-30.

“. . .’Slaughter and meat offering, and burnt offerings, even for sin YOU did not desire, nor delighted in’, which are offered according to the Torah, then YAHUSHA said, ‘See, I come to do YOUR desire, o YAHUAH. He takes away the first to establish the second. By that desire we have been qadosh (sanctify, to be holy) through the offering of the body of YAHUSHA ha’MASHIAH once for all. . . .the. . .slaughter offerings we never able to take away sins” Hebrew 10:8-11.

Through YAHUSHA’S Sacrifice/offering we are free from the judgment of the Law.
Who are “we”? ALL that beliefs in the NAME OF YAHUSHA ha’MASHIAH and who has HIS yoke upon them.

What is this joke?
Strong’s Concordance definition: Yoke (G2218) is a Jewish idea of a heavy burden; s balance or pair of scales. Yoke is in Greek “zygos” and it is define as “unites two elements to work as one unit, like when two weights operate together on a balance-scale or a pair of oxen pulling a single plough.”

A yoke is a balanced lifestyle with the RUAH QODESH and you together in the body of YAHUSHA ha’MASHIAH: It is like a balance-scale working together towards the perfect balanced lifestyle, [love YAHUAH and love your neighbour], within the MASHIAH. The Ten Commandment is the center pin of the scale.

“He come to HIS own, and HIS own (the Israelites) did not receive HIM. But as many as receive HIM, to them HE gave the authority to become children of Elohim, to those believing in HIS Name, who were born, not of blood nor of the desire of flesh nor of the desire of man, but of YAHUAH [your Elohim]” John 1:11-13.

“And out of HIS completeness we all received favour upon favour for the Torah was given through through Mosheh (Moses) — the favor and the truth came through YAHUSHA ha’MASHIAH” John 1:16-17.

Note that the Ten Commandments is part of the Torah, for the Torah is the first 5 Books of the Holy Scripture.

YAHUSHA stand between the Torah and us! He was already slaughtered for my trespassing of the Torah! The Torah’s judgment is naught because the payment of my sins-dept has been paid in full! Do I still have to obey the Commands of the Ten Commandment? YES! Because the yoke of YAHUAH (Ten Commandments) was first carried by YAHUSHA, then it became the yoke of YAHUSHA which we must carry [to become part of YAHUSHA ha’MASHIAH].

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