Logic Proof that  you cannot determine the correct day and months using a man-made calendar concept.
The brilliance of the lunar-based montly calendar is that no matter where you are on Earth, you can determine the start of the new month, and weekly Sabbaths, based on the lunar cycle. 
Using man’s creation of the international date line just add confusion to this. 
It can be Friday for a person on one side of the date line and Saturday for a person on the other side; yet they may only be a few miles apart, and are looking up at the moon or sun, rising and setting, at the same time. So for one person it would be Friday and the other it would be the Saturday Sabbath.
The Roma calendar is not compatible with the commands of Scripture regarding when to celebrate the Sabbaths. . .

The Julian calendar, which was established in the 45 B.C. and was in existence until 37 A.D., had an 8-day week, where the days of the week were assigned letters: A through to H.
So the 6:1 pattern simply could have repeated in that 8-day per week calendar. And to claim that the Jews kept track is dubious at best. 
Sunday cannot be the day that our MASHIAH rose again, because there was no Sunday. Later in the first century, when Mithraism became a popular religious cult in Rome, it brought with it a 7-day calendar which had days that were names after planetary gods. The week started on Saturn day (Saturday), Dies Solis (Sunday) was the 2nd day of the week, Luna (Monday) was the 3rd day, and Dies Veneris (Friday), was the 7th day of the week. 
Again, this does not reconcile with 6 day of works and 1 day of rest on the Saturday Sabbath.

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