Jesuit Masterminds: Hiding the Flat Earth & the Lunar Sabbath!

(The Jesuits also hides under the name “Society of Jesus Christ”.)


The Jesuit Order has been the mastermind behind some of the largest deceptions in history. Coincidences of dates, goals and agendas link them to the worldwide, modern deception of a globe earth. Careful research of Scripture, archaeology and history, also ties them to the latest cover-up in a lie spanning almost 1,700 years: the widely held belief that Saturday is the Seventh-Day Sabbath of the Scripture.


Other lies branch off from these two diabolical deceptions:

  1. A globe earth, spinning through illimitable realms of space, separates the soul from the Creator, diminishing one’s sense of self as cherished and close to the Creator.
  2. The Gregorian calendar perpetrates the lie that a continuous weekly cyclehas come down, uninterrupted from Creation. This deception is foundational to the assumption that Saturday is the Bible Sabbath and Sunday, the first day of the week and the day of the Saviour’s resurrection. This lie directly impacts the day on which one worships and thus is a major contributing factor to the imposition of the Mark of the Beast.


Occult knowledge/Esoteric wisdom.


They are words that make Christians cringe. They hint at the dark arts. They whisper of forbidden knowledge. Knowledge gleaned from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


A common phrase in the esoteric/occult arts is “as above, so below.” And yet this phrase reveals a hidden secret, a secret hiding in plain sight that everyone should know.


The phrase and the image reveal the modus operandi of evil. They lay bare the fact that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is alive and flourishing and deceiving billions. Wherever the Serpent’s lies have spread, there too, are the roots of the Tree of Knowledge.


Satan’s agenda has always been to dethrone Father YAHUAH. For millennia, he has bent his massive intellect to obtaining this goal. Scripture records his boastful aspirations:


How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!


For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of Yah: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:


I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High. (Isaiah 14:12-14)


A tree does not grow and thrive without roots, and the roots of the Tree of Knowledge stretch back to Eden. They are strong and deeply established. Out of them have grown the immense, complicated machinery of evil that is responsible for deceiving the entire earth in Satan’s attempt to get all to forfeit Heaven.




Satan is not some child, trying to sneak a cookie before dinner. He is too smart to leave an open trail of crumbs, leading to the truth. His lies are covered in more lies: an entire system of fabrication and deceit. Falsehood is interwoven and supporting other falsehood. The very complexity gives the lies a surface feasibility.


To find the truth, it is necessary to back engineer from what is seen, to what is not seen. The Tree of Knowledge is covered in pretty, distracting green leaves. It is necessary to remove the camouflaging leaf-lies and trace the twigs back to the branches, down to the huge limbs, under-girding the colossal, concealing deception that is the Tree of Knowledge.


The Jesuits, the masterminds behind the 500-year-old globe earth conspiracy, or Flat Earth cover up, are experts at hiding truth under multiple layers of lies. Since their very inception, the Jesuits have institutionalized deceit. They are the source for an overwhelming number of varied conspiracies of evil spanning generations.


As knowledge has been increased, an expanding cloud of witnesses has raised its voice in defense of the truth. Some have revealed the lie of a globe earth. Others warn of the dangers of Big Pharma and the nano-particles embedded in modern drugs and genetically engineered, prepared foods. Still others pull back the veil hiding the deeds of darkness performed by the elite powers that run the world.


Someone standing on one side of the Tree of Knowledge, being gifted with divine discernment to perceive the cluster of leafy lies hiding one deception, frequently does not comprehend that the lies uncovered by someone else are all part of the same tree, with the same deceptive agenda, perpetrated by the same group.


For nearly 500 years, the Jesuits have been cooperating with supernatural intelligences in a vast conspiracy. This plot is far larger than any have ever previously realized. The Jesuits were directly involved in the perpetration of the globe earth lie. However, the truth about the flat, enclosed earth is but the latest advancement of truth, there is another Jesuit lie that also has a direct bearing upon the final generation. And it is hidden in plain sight. It is something that is taken for granted so frequently, none even think to question it. However, the eternal destiny for multitudes hinges upon the truths buried under this one enormous fraud: the Gregorian calendar.




Just as Jesuits and Jesuit-trained priest-astronomers have played a large role in perpetrating a false conception of the earth (and consequently, the universe), so have Jesuits been fundamental to a deception that hides the Creator’s true Sabbath and divert worship away from Father YAHUAH. The Jesuit order is directly responsible for today’s counterfeit seventh-day Sabbath, followed by a fraudulent resurrection “Sunday”.


The world today is united in using the Gregorian calendar for the civil calculation of time. However, because people’s lives are regulated by their work and school calendars, their days of worship, by default, are also governed by the Gregorian calendar.


The notion that the calendar was devised by and for farmers so that they would know when to sow and when to reap has been taken for granted too long; it fails both the test of logic and of fact.  Farmers do not need a formal calendar to know the seasons, and primitive societies have managed to feed themselves for generations without a calendar.


The historic fact is that the calendar was devised in order to predetermine the precise time of festivals honoring the gods.  The calendar, in other words, was a religious device.1


It still is. An ancient proverb states: “He who controls the calendar, controls the world.” The Jesuit Order, as the architect of the Gregorian calendar, in a very real way, controls the world’s worship days. They control and regulate the worship times of all who calculate their days of worship by this calendar. Ironically, that encompasses all three of the Abrahamic religions:

  1. Jews worship on Saturday, the seventh-day of the modern week;
  2. Catholics, Orthodox and most Protestants worship on Sunday in honor of the day of Christ’s resurrection, while some Protestants worship on Saturday as the seventh-day Sabbath;
  3. Muslims attend mosque for prayers on Friday, which originally, actually was the seventh-day of the week. (More on this later.)

Worship is defined as: “the act of paying divine honors to the Supreme Being; or the reverence and homage paid to him in religious exercises.”2 Therefore, anyone who controls the calendar, controls (or exercises authoritative or dominating influence over 3) worship.


Roman Catholics openly state that this universal control of worship times is their sign or mark of authority.


  • “The Sunday…is purely a creation of the Catholic Church.” American Catholic Quarterly Review, January 1883
  • “Sunday…is the law of the Catholic Church alone…” American Sentinel (Catholic), June 1893.
  • “Sunday is a Catholic institution and its claim to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles…From beginning to end of Scripture there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first.” Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August 1900


This is a deception that is hiding in plain sight because it assumes Saturday is the seventh-day Sabbath of Scripture and Sunday the day of Christ’s resurrection.


  • “Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (Saturday Sabbath to Sunday) was her act…And the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things.” (H. F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons.)
  • “Sunday is founded, not of scripture, but on tradition, and is distinctly a Catholic institution. As there is no scripture for the transfer of the day of rest from the last to the first day of the week, Protestants ought to keep their Sabbath on Saturday and thus leave Catholics in full possession of Sunday.” (Catholic Record, September 17, 1893.)


This is a falsehood hiding in plain sight.




A lie hiding in plain sight is usually the most effective. It is not questioned or critically analyzed. Its existence is simply taken for granted. The modern calendar is one such fraud doing precisely that.


The assumption is made that because time is continuous, the weekly cycle has also always been continuous. By extension, it is assumed that the modern week beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday has just always been.


It takes very little digging to uncover that the facts contradict this assumption. The last country to adopt the Gregorian calendar was Turkey, in 1927, following Greece, who had adopted it in 1923. But it was not until communism took over China following World War II that its use became universal.4


Nicolaus Copernicus, the Catholic scholar whose theories on a globe earth were used by the Jesuits to further their end-time agenda, was approached by a papal commission as early as the beginning of the sixteenth century. They wanted his views on calendar reform. Initially, he demurred to answer.


Copernicus had been asked by the papal commission in 1514 to state his views, and his decision was, that the motions of sun and moon were not yet sufficiently known to attempt a reform of the calendar. The commission was to make definite propositions in the tenth session of the council. Although this was postponed from 1514 to 1515, no conclusion was reached. After the Lateran Council considerable progress was made. Copernicus had promised to continue the observations of sun and moon and he did so for more than ten years longer. The results laid down in his immortal work “De Revolutionibus Orbium Cœlestium” (1543) enabled Erasmus Reinhold to compute the Prutenic Tables (Wittenberg, 1554),which were afterwards made the basis of the Gregorian reform.5


According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Aloisius Lilius was the “chief architect” of the Gregorian calendar. Lilius was a Roman Catholic physician and professor of medicine. His manuscript on calendar reform was presented to the Roman Curia in 1576, by his brother, Antonius. His ideas were used by Jesuit astronomer-priest, Christopher Clavius, for the new calendar. The calendar itself is named after Pope Gregory XIII. It is a papal device, through and through.


Although the world today is united in its use of the Gregorian calendar, when it was first introduced, it was initially widely rejected by Protestant countries as a Catholic institution. A papal bull, Inter Gravissimasissued Feb. 24, 1582, ordered Catholic clergy to accept it and exhorted Catholic monarchs to do the same. At the time, the only countries that accepted it were the Catholic countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and most areas of France. It took nearly 350 years before all countries adopted the pope’s calendar.


It must be clearly understood that the pope’s calendar in use throughout the world today is a devise for religious control.


Catholics themselves admit: “The reform of the calendar was from the start connected with general councils, viz. those of Nicæa (325), of Constance (1414-1418), of Basle (1431), the Fifth of the Lateran (1512-1517), and that of Trent (1545-1563).”6


People do not usually connect religious observance to astronomy, but there is a close connection. From the very beginning, Jesuits have dominated the field of astronomy and other closely related scientific fields. Even the theory of the Big Bang was invented by a Jesuit-trained priest, Father Georges Lemaître.  Knowledge of astronomy was critical for the Jesuits to have for without it they could not have reformed the calendar because time-measurement is always dependent on the movement of the heavenly bodies.


The Gregorian calendar, like every other branch on the Tree of Knowledge, was conceived with one primary motive: to conceal truth and perpetrate falsehood. It provided more concealing, camouflaging “leaves” so truth seekers would be diverted in their attempts to uncover truth.




The transition of the Julian calendar to the Gregorian is frequently offered as incontrovertible proof that Saturday must be the Sabbath of the Bible. The reason is deceptively simple. When the Julian calendar transitioned to the revised Gregorian calendar, no days of the week were lost. Thursday, October 4, was followed by Friday, October 15. Only the numbering was changed as 10 dates were dropped from the calendar. That is all.


This is fact. And from this fact, an incorrect assumption is drawn: since there was no disruption to the days of the week when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the modern weekly cycle has remained unchanged since Creation. This extrapolation is not correct but it does create a diversion that hides the truth: the Sabbath, as observed by patriarchs, apostles, and YAHUSHA, was calculated by a different calendar, with a different weekly cycle, that does not align with Saturday as the seventh-day of the week.


This calendar change happened over 430 years ago. The weight of the lies themselves has a superficial weight of authority. This appears to prove the assumption that a continuous weekly cycle has come down uninterrupted since Creation. Truth seekers point to the smooth transition of Julian to Gregorian and they do not investigate further.


However, the Gregorian calendar was just another layer of deception. Peel away this layer and one uncovers…the post-Nicean Julian calendar: a calendar with a continuous weekly cycle and researchers are convinced they have uncovered the truth!


To find the truth about the Creator’s expected day of worship, it is necessary to go past the camouflage of pretty leaves, past the twigs of error to which they are attached, and dig still further. The papal Gregorian calendar was based on the pagan Julian calendar. Jesuit astronomer Christopher Clavius himself admitted this.


Clavius…confirmed that the Julian calendar is rooted in pure paganism and has no ties whatsoever to Scriptural calendation…In his book, Romani Calendarii A Gregorio XIII P.M. Restituti Explicato, Clavius reveals that when the Julian calendar was made the ecclesiastical calendar of the Church at the Council of Nicæa, the Church deliberately rejected Biblical calendation and instead adopted pagan calendation.7


Furthermore, the modern week, Sunday through Saturday, can be traced back, past the calendar transition of 1582, to the Council of Nicea. The week, as known today, was standardized at that time.


The pagan names of the planetary week have been perpetuated in the calendar in use among the so-called Christian nations.  Every time we look at the calendar we have before us a constant reminder of the amalgamation of paganism and Christianity that took place as a result of the great religious apostasy….8


Prior to the Council of Nicea, there were regional differences in how the Julian calendar was used throughout the Roman Empire. The planetary week did not, as Christians have assumed, come from the Jews and Creation week. Rather, it came from the Persian mystery religions.


It is not to be doubted that the diffusion of the Iranian [Persian] mysteries has had a considerable part in the general adoption, by the pagans, of the week with the Sunday as a holy day.  The names which we employ, unawares, for the other six days, came into use at the same time that Mithraism won its followers in the provinces in the West, and one is not rash in establishing a relation of coincidence between its triumph and that concomitant phenomenon.9


Note that even the modern week can be traced to a pagan religion.


It seems as if some spiritual genius having control over the pagan world had so ordered things that the heathen planetary week should be introduced just at the right time for the most popular Sun cult of all ages to come along and exalt the day of the Sun as a day above and more sacred than all the rest.  Surely this was not accidental.10


At the time it was integrated into the Julian calendar, it began on Saturday (dies Saturni or “day of Saturn”) and ended on Friday (dies Veneris or “day of Venus”)! This was later changed as Mithraism gained more followers and influenced early Christianity. “The pre-eminence assigned to the dies Solis [day of the Sun] also certainly contributed to the general recognition of Sunday as a holiday.  This is connected with a more important fact, namely, the adoption of the week by all the European nations.11 It is not that the early Europeans did not have a week, but that the week they had been using was different.


The Mithraists wanted to start the week on Sunday, in honor of their sun god, Mithras. Many early Christians, forsaking the seventh-day lunar Sabbath calculated by the Scriptural calendar, began worshipping on Sunday, too. This was done ostensibly in honor of YAHUSHA’s resurrection on the first day of the week.  Tertullian, a Christian apologist from the second century, tried to explain away this Christian acceptance of a pagan worship day, stating:


Others, certainly more cultured, think the Sun is the god of the Christians, because it is known that we pray toward the east and make a festivity upon the day of the Sun.  Do you do less?  Do not most of you, in affectation of worshipping the heavenly bodies, at times move your lips toward the sun rising.  You certainly are the ones who also received the Sun into the register of the seven days, and from among the days preferred it . . . .12


When the calendar is back engineered, when the branches of the Tree of Knowledge are traced backward, archeological evidence reveals without a doubt that the modern week comes from the pagan mystery religions. The Julian calendar did not get it from the Scriptural week. The early Julian calendar had aneight-day week, not seven. It is reasonable that the original week on the Julian calendar would have an eight-day week. The week on the calendar of the Roman Republic had also had an eight-day week, and that was what the Romans were accustomed to using.




The Jews of YAHUSHA’s day did not use the eight-day Julian week for their calendar. They still used the calendar of Moses, the same luni-solar calendar that had been handed down from Creation. The apostles and the earliest Christians all worshipped on the seventh-day Sabbath of the Scriptural calendar, although by the second century, some Christians had been influenced enough by Mithraism to worship on Saturday or Sunday of the pagan, planetary week.


This diversity of worship days with some worshipping on the seventh-day lunar Sabbath of the Scriptural calendar, others on Saturday, still others on Sunday, continued until the Council of Nicea. At that time, the ancient calendar was set aside for religious purposes. The Council decreed that henceforth the pagan Julian calendar was to be used for all religious observances. This unilateral declaration could be enforced because the Council was backed by the imperial might of Constantine the Great.


Jewish scholars recognize the impact Nicea had on the ancient, Scriptural calendar. The Jewish Publication Society of America published Heinrich Graetz’s monumental work, History of the Jews. In his account of the Council of Nicea, Graetz stated:


At the Council of Nice the last thread was snapped which connected Christianity to its parent stock.  The festival of Easter had up till now been celebrated for the most part at the same time as the Jewish Passover, and indeed upon the days calculated and fixed by the Synhedrion [Sanhedrin] in Judæa for its celebration; but in future its observance was to be rendered altogether independent of the Jewish calendar.13


This is far more significant than most people today—including Jewish laypeople—realize. The calendar established by Father YAHUAH at Creation did indeed have a seven-day week. However, the way the weeks cycled was completely different.


The Scriptural calendar, like all ancient calendars that were handed down from before the flood, was luni-solar. This meant that the months began with the observance of the new moon. In fact, the very word “month” was originally rendered “month”. The first day of each month was a worship day. The work week began on the second of each month. The biggest difference between the calendar of Creation and the Julian/Gregorian calendars is that the Julian/Gregorian calendars had/have a continuous weekly cycle. On the Scriptural calendar, the weekly cycle restarts each month.




The taproot of this immense complexity of evil, of course, is “the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan.” (Revelation 20:2) Just as a tree has many branches, diverging off from the trunk, so too, does the root system of a tree. In fact, the root system can be very large, very deep, and very broad, because it supports the entire above-ground tree that is seen.


Branching off from the taproot, the devil, are all the non-human, demonic powers that work with him. Branching off from those, are a certain class of men, inspired by demons, who work to advance the Serpent’s goals. The Bible refers to them as “Men of Renown.” Genesis 6:4 states: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of Elohim came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”




Among the last words spoken to the prophet Daniel, was a promise: “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:4) Christians invariably interpret this text to be a reference to advanced technology. And certainly, technology has advanced exponentially in the last 120 years.


However, the increase of knowledge given to the final generation is of far greater significance than mere technology. This increased knowledge refers to the exposure of all the lies that have been taught as truth.


The third chapter of Joel refers to result this increase of knowledge has: every soul on earth has a decision to make before the final judgment.


Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye heathen, and gather yourselves together round about: thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O YAHUAH.


Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about.


Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great.


Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the YAHUAH is near in the valley of decision. (Joel 3:11-14, KJV)


Multitudes today are in the valley of decision. Science and organized religion have both been built upon multiple layers of lies. The great day of YAHUAH is close at hand and every soul alive today is faced with a decision: “Do I follow inconvenient truth? Or cling to a convenient lie?” Remember: not knowing truth does not change the reality of what is truth.


To follow the truth regardless of the cost takes sacrifice. It takes commitment. Accepting unpopular truth opens one to the ridicule of those who cling to the lie. It can also impact one’s job and even one’s marriage. It is a decision facing every individual on earth: The truth? Or the lie?


The lie seems comfortable. Plausible. Convenient. It is the foundational understanding on which other beliefs have been built. But now, with truth being restored, with knowledge being increased, it is of vital importance to your eternal destiny to uncover lies and accept truth, no matter how ridiculed it is, or how inconvenient its impact on your life.


Accept truth regardless of the cost. An eternity of bliss await all who surrender their preconceived ideas and allow Father Yahuwah to lead them to His truth.



1 Zecharia Sitchin, When Time Began, (Santa Fe, New Mexico: Bear & Co., Publ., 1994), p. 198, emphasis supplied.

2 Noah Webster, American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 ed., emphasis supplied.

3 See The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition.

4 China had adopted the Gregorian calendar on January 1, 1912. Shortly thereafter, however, China descended into political turmoil with various parts of China using differing calendars. It was not until the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, that there was unified use of the Gregorian system.


6 Ibid.

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13 See Heinrich Graetz, History of the Jews, Vol. II, pp. 563-564, emphasis supplied.




Ask yourself: Are my church maybe part of these people? The answer will most likely be YES! 

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