Why Saturday and Sunday?

How do you add Saturday or Sunday to YAHUAH’s Calendar? 
YAHUAH’s Calendar spoke of day 1 (Gen 1:5) , day 2 (Gen 1:8), day 3 (Gen 1:12), day 4 (Gen 1:19), day 5 (Gen 1:23), day 6 (Gen 1:31) and day 7 (Gen 2:2-3). Day seven has been called SABBATH DAY (Exodus 20:8). YAHUAH’s Calendar is using the Sun, moon and stars (which is rotates around earth). The moon (give the sign, see Gen 1:14) to appoint seasons (appointed feast day). YAHUAH’s Calendar operate from month (new moon) to month (new moon) and from Sabbath (7th day) to Sabbath (7th day) all Israel will worship their ELOHIM (Isaiah 66:23)! Sabbath is always on the same day of the Scriptural Calendar, which is on the 8th day (which is the 7th), 15th day (next 7th day), 22nd (next 7th day) and 29th day (next 7th day and the last day of the Scriptural Month). 
If you worship on a Saturday or Sunday, you bow your knees to BAAL!

The current calendar, Gregorian Calendar, are NOT the Scriptural Calendar! The Gregorian Calendar is the creation of man, the value of the number of the beast is also the number of man! Does it tells us that man is the source of evil! YAHUSHA made the statement by saying “there is no good things in a man”! 
Why do you bow your knees to the authority of man?

Why do you call this man your “Holy Father”, while ONE is your FATHER, YAHUAH our YAHUSHA!!!!

Why do all church teaching our children according to the commandments of this man, but YAHUAH Commandments they removed by the teaching that it was fulfilled?

Why do you replace the RUAH of YAHUAH with the spirit of this man?

The RUAH HA’QODESH is our Teacher, but instead of HIM we listen to the spirit of deception!

YAHUAH’S CALENDAR never changed! The Seventh day Sabbath is always on the Seventh day. Unlike with the Gregorian Calendar! You cannot apply YAHUAH’s standards to the Gregorian Calendar, for good stands against evil and evil against the Word of GOD!!! 

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