The Usage of the Set-Apart Name of the FATHER by Messiah Yahusha


set apart

What is the Almighty’s Name? 
It should be OBVIOUS that His Name CANNOT be “God” or “Lord” – for these are mere titles, used for ALL deities (gods) – even satan.
The Almighty is not just another “god” or “lord” – He is THE ALMIGHTY, and should be revered, honored, exalted, and esteemed as such!

The Father has a personal and unique [Set-Apart] Name, taught through His Word, and revealed to us through His [ancient language]. All people know the names of other “gods”, like buddah, alla, etc . . . yet the Creator of heaven and earth’s Name, is known ONLY by a MINORITY.
If you survey any gathering of “believers”, you will get many different answers.
Most will tell you his name is “the Lord.”
Others may say, “Jehovah.”
Still another “Jesus.”
And if you ask the Orthodox Rabbis, they will tell you “HaShem” or “Adonai.”
Many say that “God” has many different names.
Can all of them be right?

Why is there so much confusion about the most important and powerful Name in the cosmos?
Can anyone really know what the Name of the Creator of the universe is? Yes, we can know the personal Name of Elohim (Almighty).
In fact, He wants us to know His Set-Apart Name, and He has revealed it to us through His Word andthrough His language.
So why don’t people who claim to know the heavenly FATHER understand what His Name is? Is the Scriptures so ambiguous about the Name of the Creator that these people who read and cherish The WORD don’t even know what Scriptures teach about His Name? Not really. The Scriptures are not ambiguous at all.
On the contrary, Scripture is crystal clear about identifying the Name of our Creator – The Father has given us several IMPORTANT KEYS to correctly write and transliterate His Son and His Names from ancient Hebrew. 

Sadly, “Scripture-believing” believers simply don’t know what Scriptures teach about The Creator and Father’s Name, including the Name of His Son. They have been blinded by religion, tradition, the doctrines of man, and many mis-translations of Scripture. We have been tricked into hiding His Name.We have been fooled into diminishing His Name by not knowing it, and by not calling upon it. We have been deceived by the enemy of our souls into thinking that Almighty Father does not want to be known by, or called by His own set-apart Name. We have been tricked into believing that it does not matter that Almighty FATHER has a personal Name – the Name [ABOVE] all other names.

Our Creator and FATHER (through our parents) has given each of us a unique name, by which we are called. Every animal, flower, city, and even business are identified by their Names! Names are NEVER TRANSLATED, but transliterated.

Let’s use the name of a person that everyone has probably heard of, to demonstrate that names are NEVER translated. Adam’s name has remained the same for thousands of years. His name didn’t change to fit-in with the language, culture, or traditions of all the different nations around the world.
Our names DON’T CHANGE either – no matter where we stay, which places we visit, or what country we immigrate to. The same name that appears on our birth certificate will appear on our death certificate. FATHER YHUH (YHWH) commanded Adam in the garden to give unique names to all the animals He created.

Doesn’t it make sense that the Creator Himself has a unique, personal and Set-Apart Name by which He is called? Well, He does. If we claim to LOVE The FATHER, then SURELY we will want to KNOW everything that there is to know about Him – starting with His TRUE Name.
Isn’t the name of a Person the very first thing that we are introduced to when we meet them? Isn’t a person’s character, personality, identity, attributes, and skills CONNECTED to their NAME? How can we claim to really know someone, if we don’t know their Name?

Let’s consider for a moment when a man courts a woman – in a sense that is what we as believers should continually do in our relationship with Almighty Father YHUH/YHWH (through Messiah).
Do you think that its appropriate for a man to call the woman that he is courting by her [personal] birth name, or by a [impersonal] “title”
Surely he wouldn’t call her on a “title”, like Doctor, Psychiatrist, CEO, etc. This is very impersonal, distant, disrespectful, and unromantic. He would call her on her birth name when talking to her, or when referring to her when speaking about her. 

This is PERSONAL, DIRECT, and SHOWING her the necessary RESPECT and HONOR that she deserves.Why do many believers INSIST on calling our beloved FATHER and His Son (Messiah) on impersonal “titles” that are distant and even pagan in origin – not showing them the necessary respect and honor that they DESERVE? 

I URGE and PLEA with you to set aside the time to STUDY this Teaching to the END and TEST it with Scripture.

See below how especially Almighty FATHER’S Scriptural Name has been defiled, perverted & blasphemed(MOSTLY unintentionally through the LACK of KNOWLEDGE) . . .
Breaking the 3rd commandment over and over, and over again! 

Please read the whole study for proper insight and understanding! 
If the revelation that many around the world and I have received pertaining to the spelling and pronunciation of the Father and Son’s Names, differ from yours, let’s choose to disagree with each other in a spirit of love and humility, without condemnation or judgement.

Naturally, Messiah Yahusha, who was dwelling in human flesh, would have (and did) use the set-apart Name YHUH (YAHUAH) of Himself.  This point is so self evident that it nearly insults the reader to have to mention it. And yet, this very basic premise has been astoundingly overlooked by nearly all “Bible” scholars, students, readers and ministers. The incredible oversight of this is part of the reason that the “Christian Church” is thoroughly oblivious of the set-apart Name of YHUH!

Of course Messiah Yahusha used the set-apart Name YHUH (YaHUaH)! Not to have used and pronounced his own Name would have constituted false testimony of Himself, and thus a breaking of His Father’s commandment!!! It did not matter that the religious leaders had put a ban on using the set-apart Name. Yahusha Messiah did not submit Himself to any of their other man made rules/traditions. Why would He have refrained from using His own Name just because the religious authorities said to? This was after all, His own Name, and His Father’s Name, which He had come to proclaim.

Yahusha Messiah speaks of His Father’s Name . . .
I have manifested/revealed Your Name (i.e. the name YHUH – YaHUaH) to the men whom You gave Me out of the world; they were Yours and You gave them to Me, and they have guarded/kept Your word.
(Yohanan (John) 17:6)

Since the Father had no other name than YHUH (YaHUaH), we believe that Messiah was referring to this Name. Then, Yahusha states that His Father’s Name is also in His own Name . . .
“I am no longer in the world; and yet they themselves are in the world, and I come to You. Set-Apart Father, keep them in Your name, the Name which You have given Me, that they may be one even as We are.  “While I was with them, I was keeping them in Your Name which You have given Me; and I guarded them and not one of them perished but the son of perdition, so that the Scripture would be fulfilled. 

(Yohanan (John) 17:11,12)

Therefore, Yahusha must also have the Name YHUH (YaHUaH) since he claimed the same. Then, Yahusha declares that He has made known His Father’s Name to His “Disciples” . . .
“O righteous Father, although the world has not known You, yet I have known You; and these have known that You sent Me; and I have made Your name known to them, and will make it known, so that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”
(Yohanan (John) 17:25,26)

Thus, Yahusha Messiah had fulfilled his mission to make known His Father’s Name to His Taught Ones (Disciples).

Yahusha, furthermore, claimed that the works he performed were done in the NAME of His Father . . .
Yahusha answered them, “I told you, and you do not believe; the works that I do in My Father’s Name (i.e. in the name YHUH (YaHUaH), these testify of Me.
(Yohanan (John) 10:25)

As with his other miracles which he performed as proof of who He is, YAHUSHA Messiah proved that He shared His FATHER’S SET-ARART NAME YHUH/YHWH (YaHUaH) by performing works in His Name!

The Doctrine of the “Ineffable Name”
How did this all come about? Surely there must be a reason that Elohim’s people have hidden and concealed the Creator’s unique, personal Name. And when did it become fashionable to erase Eloah’s set-apart name from the Word and avoid using it? The doctrine of the ineffable name is one that the Jews hold onto to this day!  Thus, in their reading the Scriptures, and in their speech, the Jews say “Adonai” or “HaShem” or “the Name” instead of pronouncing Eloah’s Set-Apart Name YHUH. And Christianity has followed in their footsteps by banning the set-apart Name from the Word of YHUH’s translations. Most English translations have placed the indistinct title “LORD” in place of his personal Name YHUH.

The Set-Apart Name YAHUAH was freely used by the patriarchs Abraham, Yitshaq, Ya’aqob, Mosheh, including the Nebi’im (Prophets), as well as the Talmidim (Taught Ones/Disciples), and by all others who enjoyed covenant relationship with the Creator. YAHUAH’s set-apart Name was pronounced exactly the same by all of them.


At least until the destruction of the First Temple in 586 B.C.E. the name (YHUH) was regularly pronounced with its proper vowels, as is clear from the Lachish Letters, written shortly before that date. 
(Encyclopaedia Judaica, Vol 7, p. 680)

And it continued to be used by the Jews until the disturbing events of the second century B.C.E. took place.

At that time, the Seleucid king, Antiochus Epiphanes (175-164) persecuted the Jews in the city of Jerusalem, desecrated the temple of YHUH and severely profaned and blasphemed the set-apart Name of Almighty Eloah. The Yahudim (Jews) were forced, under the threat of death, “to depart from the laws of their fathers, and to cease living by the laws of Eloah” (2 Maccabees 6:1). Antiochus attempted to Hellenize the Jews; that is, to force them to accept and practice the culture of the Greeks. Part of this attempted Hellenization of the Jews included a prohibition against keeping Sabbath and a prohibition against using and pronouncing YAHUAH’s Set-Apart Name.  

The Substitution of the Set-Apart Covenant Name
If the name YHUH (YaHUaH) is the most frequent used word in the Hebrew Scriptures, then why is it that in most English Scriptures you cannot find the name YHUH anywhere? And shouldn’t Christians, who claim to have a personal knowledge and relationship with the living Eloah, be alarmed about this fact?  Instead of being suspicious of those people who want to call attention to the fact that YAHUAH’s unique, personal name is missing from most Scripture translations, shouldn’t Christians (or correctly referred to as Yisraelites or Missianites) instead be suspicious of, and boiling furious at those translators who have intentionally left out YAHUAH’s Name from our English Scriptures?

After all, it should be self evident that YAHU-ah’s personal name is not “LORD”!  And His name is not “God”, “HaShem”, or “Adonai” either.  “The LORD” is a substitution for the true Name of YAHUAH.  
“Lord” is a translation of the Hebrew word adonai (which can also be translated “master”) and means Ba’al. The title “Lord” is then capitalized as a convenient way of acknowledging that they are rendering the Hebrew word “YHUH.” 
“God” is merely a generic title of classification like the words, “human,” and “animal” and is associated with ALL pagan deities! 
“Adonai” is a Hebrew word of respectful salutation which is usually translated in modern English as “Mr.” or “Sir, and can also mean Master/Owner.”

The third of the Ten Commandments (MARRIAGE VOWS) warns against mishandling of YHUH’S Set-Apart, Covenant Name . . .
You shall not take the Name of YHUH (YaHUaH) your Elohim in vain (bring it to naught), for YHUH will not hold him guiltless (unpunished) who takes His name, in vain (bring it to naught). 

(Shemoth (Exodus) 20:7).
You shall not take the Name of YHUH your Elohim in vain (bring it to naught), for YHUH will not hold him guiltless (unpunished) who takes His name, in vain (bring it to naught). 

(Debarim (Deuteronomy) 5:11).

The word “naught” or “vain” in the above passages of Scripture comes from the Hebrew Root word
H7723 shawv, shav
From the same as H7722 in the sense of desolating; evil (as destructive), literally (ruin) or morally (especially guile); figuratively idolatry (as false, subjectively), uselessness (as deceptive, objectively; also adverbially in vain): – false (-ly), lie, lying, vain, vanity.

Will we continue to follow the WRONG example of religion and tradition to desolate and ruin the Name of our Almighty, by replacing His Name with titles used for ALL pagan deities (god and lord), or will we align to what Scripture teaches and STOP bringing His SET-APART COVENANT NAME (YHUH – Yahuah) to naught as Scripture COMMANDS us to do?      

By removing YAHUAH’s personal Name from English Scripture translations, His Set-Apart Name has been effectively removed from the minds and lips of believers. There could not be any worse case of “taking YAHUAH’s name in vain.”  His Name has been completely emptied and erased from our thinking and speech. 
As a result, many Believers have been guilty of breaking the third commandment in the worst kind of way!  We have completely ignored and forgotten His personal, Set-Apart Name.

Who will you be obedient to? Who will you serve?
Obedience to man, contradicting the Scriptures, is rebellion to the inspired Word of YAHUAH  . . .

The “Besorah of Yahusha”, “The Restoration Scriptures” (restored Paleo Hebrew Names version), the“HalleluYah Scriptures”, the “Restored Names King James Version”, the ISR (The Scriptures) and many other translations of Scripture have ALL restored the Set-Apart Names of FATHER and Son!
There is a restoration that is taking place throughout the earth – what satan perverted through religion and man is being restored (Ma’aseh (Acts) 3:21) by The Qodesh Ruach (Set-Apart Spirit) of Almighty YAHUAH! 

To UNDERSTAND COVENANT with YAHUAH, please click on the following link. SHALOM and BLESS YOU! 



The Pronunciation of the Name of Father YHUH (YHWH)

Believers should consider that the Word of Eloah/Elohim (Almighty) warns us that “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge” (Hoshea 4:6).  

The prophet goes on to say that they have no knowledge because they have rejected knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the Torah (Teachings and Instructions) of your Elohim, I also will ignore your children.

In fact, there is the knowledge of the name of YHUH in the Scriptures. He didn’t inject His Name over 6800 times in the Tanak/Tanach (that’s how many times YHUH occurs in the First Covenant/Old Testament text) to just tease us, and not to help us to know how to pronounce and use His Name.

Take note that the name YHUH in the Hebrew is made up of 4 letters – reminding you that the Word of Elohim was FIRST written in ANCIENT [PALEO] HEBREW (with NO VOWEL pointing), before it was translated to Aramaic, Greek, Latin, modern Hebrew (with VOWEL POINTING), English, and many other languages! These four letters are consonants but also bring with them vowel sounds (ANCIENT HEBREW). Thus, the letters within the Name are pronounced as follows:
Yod or Yud = “y” as in yard.  
Hay or Hey = “ah” as in bach.
Uau (Waw) = “oo” as in food.
Hay or Hey = “ah” as in bach OR “ay” as in bay.  

Thus, if we put together these sounds, we arrive at “ya hoo ah.”

But when we say words, the sound of the word does not equal the sound of each of the letters, one right after the other.  If so, the name David would sound like “d-ay-v-i-d.”  When we say words we blend the letters sounds and it usually does not sound like we are pronouncing each letter.  Taking “y ah oo ah,” this blends into the sounds “ya hoo-ah.”
And finally,

Or, I can explain the Name of YHUH transliterated from ANCIENT HEBREW as follow:
Y  = “Yod/Yud” = Y 
H  = “Hay/Hey” = ah
U  = “Uau” = u
H  = “Hay/Hey” = ah 

If we add the Y+ah+u+ah together, we get YAHUAH 

The English alphabet contains the three letters 
U, V and W. The sounds of V and W are rather NEW, but still the U, V, and W are closely related to each other. They are derived from the SAME SOURCE, coming to the modern world directly from the sixth letter of the ancient Hebrew Alef-Bet (alpha-bet); a letter commonly expressed today as WAW. But, the letters V and W are newer developments, and are mutations of what [is taught] began as a Hebrew letter “Uau”. The Hebrew “Uau” became the Greek letter Upsilon, and sounded like the “U” in HALLEL(U)-YAH. The “Uau” is the Hebrew letter originally shaped “Y”, and looks like a “U”. The Greek UPSILON maintained the sound and shape, but the Latin dropped the stem and it became shaped “V”.

Many sources still erroneously imagine the letter “double-U” (W), as they cite the sixth letter of the Hebrew alef-beth as “WAW”. The shape and sound of our modern “W” is not the same as the Hebrew letter “U”, although the Hebrew is the origin of the letter UPSILON – Y – deriving from the Paleo-Hebrew letter having the same shape and sound. The Hebrew letter UAU (Waw) (Y) is the source of our modern sound “U”. The letter “W” did not exist until it first appeared in certain words as a UU (double – U) during the 14th century. “water” was originally spelled “vvater”.

Many people are becoming aware that translators of Scripture have used modern, recently-invented letters to convey the sounds of words or names from older languages, and allowed the distortions of Greek to influence spellings. Because Greek has no “SH” sound, the Hebrew word SHEMITE became SEMITE (pertaining to the descendants of Shem). Another example is the letter “J”, having appeared around 1530 CE, developing from the Greek letter, “IOTA”. The use of the Greek IOTA was a desperate attempt to convey the sound of the Hebrew letter YOD. Reality must remain in contact with what we accept to be Truth; otherwise our Truth is not a reflection of reality.
Both Yahuah and Yahu[w]ah MEAN EXACTLY the SAME (and are pronounced the same (as the “w” is not actually emphasized)).
It does not represent two separate Names!

Taking a different approach, consider the following: In Tehillim (Psalms) 150, the expression, Hallelu YAH is used a number of times. Note that “Hallelu” means “(You) praise”. It is an imperative and is a call to praise: “You all, praise . . . ” The “yah” part of the expression is the abbreviated, poetic form of the name YHUH. Grammatically speaking, it is significant that the letter “hay” has a dot in the middle of it. This is called a mappiq. Its purpose is to let the reader know that this letter is not to be cut off or silenced. The letter is to have a full sharp pronunciation. The expression should be pronounced, “hallelu Yah” with a full “h” sound as in a sharp exhale of air from the mouth.

Thus, “YAH” is the correct pronunciation of the first part of the full Name. But since the hay (“h”) is to be fully pronounced, it also blends in with the next letter – it is NOT to be drowned out with the sound that follows.  It is to be a fully pronounced “h” as in “YAHU.”

This pronunciation “YAHU” is testified to in names that use these first 3 of the 4 letter Name of Eloah. YirmeYahu (Jeremiah) the prophet’s name, in Hebrew, utilizes the first three letters of the name YHUH. Jeremiah’s name in Hebrew is pronounced, “YirmeYAHU”. Here, “Yahu” is clearly the correct pronunciation of the first three letters of the Name of Eloah. The names of YeshaYahu (Isaiah) and EliYahu (Elijah) in Hebrew are also pronounced the same way. All three of these well known names, including 97 others confirm that “Yahu” is the correct pronunciation of the first three letters.

To finish the pronunciation, we merely add the final hey or hay. The letter h prefers the “ah” sound before it and after it. The letter itself is pronounced “h” or “ah.”
YAHU [plus] ah [equals] YaHUaH. 

FATHER’S NAME MADE even more simple (confirming what has already been written above)!
Tehillim (Psalms) 68:4 
Sing to ELohim, sing praises to His Name. Raise up a highway for Him Who rides through the deserts, By His Name Yah, And exalt before Him!
We see the 
“Yah” portion of the Name of YAHUAH confirming the first two letters, also by the word HalleluYah. 
So there is no question on this.

That the third letter is the “oo” sound, is confirmed by the names of the prophets that end in His great Name, which is typically “yahoo” just like Yisrael’s current president “Benjamin NetanYahu”
YeshaYahu Known in English as Isaiah (Yahuah has saved)
YirmeYahu Known in English as Jeremiah (Yahuah will rise)
MattithYahu Known in English as Matthew (Gift of Yahuah)

The fourth letter, the Hebrew “hay” is the only point of “possible controversy”, but we can easily see that it is an “ah” sound from the word Judah, or as it is properly written in Hebrew as “Yahudah” and not Judeh or Yahudeh.

The only difference in the spelling of Yahudah and Father’s Name in the Hebrew is the fourth letter“dalet”. Remove the dalet [the “dee” sound] from Yahu-d-ah and you have the name of the Creator which is. The [d] in Hebrew is the letter [dalet] asnd means [door]. Scripture teaches us that Messiah Yahusha is the [door] to the Father (Yohn 14:6). 

Yahu-d-ah is the tribe (YahuDah)
Yahu-ah (without the “d’) is Father’s Name
Yahu-sha is the Messiah’s Name
Yod-Hay-Uau/(Waw)-Dalet-Hay is the Tribe.
Yod-Hay-Uau/(Waw)-Hay is the Set Apart Name, also referred to as the “tetragrammaton”.


The following “portion” of information is shared from a beloved brother in Mashiach
(Johann Daniel Moller)
The name YaHUDaH (Judah) means to celebrate or praise the “Person” of YaHUaH (Gen 29:35).
How do we do that? By praising His awesome and most Set-apart Name – YHUH. Notice that the Hebrew character DaLeT “D” was simply added to the Name YaHUaH to then “create” those who would be true praisers of Him. In Hebrew a DaLeT is a DOOR or entrance gate. Therefore we enter into His presence through the “DOOR of Praise”.

The following verse is a command designed to bless all who obey it with the right attitude. “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, AND BLESS HIS NAME.”
Psa 100:4.

Hebrew is incredibly rich. The DaLeT “D” is the “DOOR of Praise” to entering into our Father YaHUaH’s presence – inside His Name. The DaLeT is one of the middle characters of the name YaHUDaH (Judah) meaning “Praisers of YaHUaH” Therefore when entering through this DOOR, we are literally entering into His Name! His true Name is the “Secret Place” of the Most High – the Shadow of protection (Psa 91:1). It is the “High Tower”, (Pro 18:10), inside of which the righteous are totally safe.

When the enemy seems to get the better of us, it could just be that we are outside the Name that our Father provided for the very purpose of protecting us. REMEMBER that we are safe when we praise Him through literally praising His Name. How easy is that?

To praise the Name of YaHUaH (literally having that Name on our lips) is to be “inside” it – the safest place in the universe. For when praising the Name YaHUaH you actually enter the DOOR “D” YaHU-“D”-aH into the Name. YaHUShA is the DOOR. He said: “I AM the DOOR, by Me if any man enter in he shall be saved…” Joh 10:9 When you open that DOOR (by praising His Name) then He enters into you too (Rev 3:20). Amazing!

If YaHUShA is the DOOR, (Joh 10:9), then He is the “Secret Place” – that Hiding Place (Col 3:3) where the roaring lion seeking to destroy cannot even see us. And He is the “Strong Tower” and the “Shadow of the Almighty” (Psa 91:1). So I ask: Whatever is there to be afraid of, or even nervous of? NOTHING! If we are “inside” Him – we are absolutely safe, now and forever! HalleluYah! – Praise ye YaH! (the short form of the Name YaHUaH).

We write the Name of the FATHER as YaHUaH (correct according to ancient Hebrew), but the pronunciation REMAINS the same if written as Yahuwah (with the “w” from the Middle and Modern Hebrew)!

I (PierreRock) PERSONALLY believe that the Qodesh Ruach (Set-Apart Spirit of YAHUAH) revealed to me the following regarding the Name of ELohim (Almighty) in relation to Father and Son, as well as His relationship to man, existing in spirit/mind/body.
PLEASE NOTE that I DO NOT share this as Linguistic truth . . .
We know that we serve the only living ELohim — He is FATHER YaHUaH, Who saved us through His only Son, Messiah Yahusha, and poured out His Qodesh Ruach (Set-Apart Spirit) on the earth to help, guide and lead us in all truth.

Ma’aseh (Acts) 2:32-33
ELohim has raised up this Yahusha. We are all witnesses of this. Therefore, since He has been exalted to the right hand of ELohim of all creation and has received from the Father the promised Set Apart Spirit, He has poured out what you both see and hear.

Romiyim (Romans) 5:1-2, 5
Therefore, since we have been declared right by belief (faith), we have peace with ELohim through our Master Yahusha Messiah. Also through Him, we have obtained access by belief (faith) into this favor (grace) in which we stand, and we rejoice in the hope of the esteem of Elohim. This hope does not disappoint, because ELohim’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Set Apart Spirit who was given to us.

Yahu = Father and His Son

ah = Set-apart SPIRIT (in Hebrew, we write it as  Ruach (Ruwach) Ha’Qodesh, meaning set-apart Spirit)

Man/Humanity exists in SPIRIT, MIND (SOUL) and BODY — I believe The Ruach (Spirit) of YAHUAH revealed to me that all three [aspects] of man are revealed in YaHUaH’s Name, understanding that the primary reason why He sent His Son to die for us, was to RESTORE His COVENANT RELATIONSHIP with us – that was destroyed through sin/rebellion to His Covenant Word . . .

YAHU = FATHER = the SPIRIT of MAN (Bereshith (Genesis) 1:27) and (Yohanan (John) 4:24) . . . we are created in HIS image and our ELOHIM is spirit).

YAHU = SON = BODY of man (Messiah (Who is ONE with the Father (Yohanan (John) 10:30) died in His physical Body (as flesh) so that we can be saved, delivered and be set free from sin’s dominion in our bodies, and receive healing from all infirmities, sicknesses and diseases in our bodies) . . .

ah = Ruach (SET-APART SPIRIT of YAHUAH) = MIND of man (Ruach of YAHUAH must daily renew our minds (Rom 12:2) to be conformed to the likeness of MESSIAH, breaking down ALL the strongholds (lies) in our minds that separated us from FATHER and contaminated our hearts) . . .

According to research, some 100+ names of Yisra’EL have the “YAHU” – “I AM HE ” in their names:
72 confirmed endings with YAHU,
27 confirmed names that begin with YAHU and
one confirmed with YAHU in the middle.

end dont be foolish

A Personal Name      
The word mv, (shem) in the Hebrew language, which is the authentic language of Scripture, is translated by the English word, name. The word mv, (shem) means “name, fame, renown, reputation, memorial.”  It is used in the First Covenant (Old Testament) to refer to the personal name of individuals. We are told, for example, that Adam gave names to every living creature:

Out of the ground YHUH Elohim (Almighty) formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to the man (Adam) to see what he would call them. And whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name (mv, shem). So the man gave names (mv, shem) to all livestock (cattle), to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field. But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him (Bereshith (Genesis) 2:19,20).

Adam also named his wife:
And Adam called his wife’s name (mv, shem) Hawwah (Eve), because she was the mother of all living(Bereshith (Genesis) 3:20).

This same word is used to refer to the [personal name] of many people in Scripture!

The AUTHENTIC [ancient Hebrew] Names of Father and Son
(confirmed by Scripture and historical evidence)
(Please NOTE that Hebrew reads from right to left)

Almighty Father “HUHY” (YAHUAH) [“HWHY” (YAHUWAH)] – please NOTE that both have the SAME MEANING – it is NOT 2 different or separate Names! The “w” in Yahuwah is not emphasized when we pronounce The Name [correctly]! Thus Yahuah and Yahu[w]ah sound and mean exactly the same, even though many Hebrew Scholars agree that there is no letter “w” in Hebrew!

Messiah ” ASUHY” (Yahusha)

PLEASE CONTINUE reading to see how we arrive at the spelling (transliteration) of their [Set-Apart] Names!

Names are NEVER translated, but transliterated – allow me to explain . . .
[Adam] and [Abraham’s] Names remain Adam and Abraham in all languages on earth, thousands of years after their death – even after many different translations of Scripture.
The SAME principle applies to the SET-APART NAMES of Father and Son! It has NEVER CHANGED or EVOLVED in the 21st century! It was TAMPERED with by man (Scribes and Translators – see Jer 8:8)!

A transliteration is PRONOUNCING a name or word the SAME as it is spoken in the ROOT (ORIGINAL LANGUAGE), using the letters of the DESTINATION (SECOND) LANGUAGE to make the SAME SOUND(S) as the ROOT (ORIGINAL) language, thus the MEANING of a name or word REMAINS the SAME, even if the pronunciation might be slightly different in the destination language [due to language barriers].
FATHER and SON’s NAMES are written from ANCIENT Hebrew with NO VOWEL POINTING, (not from the babylonian Modern Hebrew [WITH VOWEL POINTING] that we generally find today)!
Father (from ancient Hebrew):
Yod – makes Y sound
Hay – makes ah sound
Uau [Waw] – makes a “oo” sound, thus u
Hay – makes the same sound as the second letter, namely ah
If we add them all together, we get Yahuah

See thorough explanation of the letters “U”, “W” and “V” under the heading “Pronunciation of the Name of Father YHUH” further down the Page! 

Messiah (from ancient Hebrew):
Yod – makes Y sound
Hay – makes ah sound
Uau [Waw]– makes a “oo” sound, thus u 
Shin – makes a sh sound
Ayin – silent sound (a)
If we add them all together, we get Yahusha

The “Yahu” (first 3 Hebrew Letters (Consonants)) appear in both Father and Son’s Names, including the tribe of “Yahu”d-ah (Messiah’s bloodline through which salvation and deliverance came to man –Yohn 4:22), as well as in more than 100 other names in Scripture, like . . .
EliYahu (Elijah), YeshaYahu (Isaiah), YirmeYahu (Jeremiah), MattithYahu (Matthew), etc!

PLEASE CONTINUE to read HOW the Names of Father and Son are pronounced FURTHER DOWN the Page! It is explained in detail [includes video links]! Shalom!
Remember that Hebrew reads from right to left . . .
THEREFORE you will see “YHUH” written from right to left in parts of the teaching as “HUHY”

A restoration is taking place across the face of the Earth (Act 3:19-21). The “key of knowledge” that has been withheld is being revealed again (Luk 11:52) and it is “transforming hundreds of thousands of lives”.
At Shemoth (Exodus) 31:18 we learn that on Mount Sinai The Creator engraved two stone tablets with His finger and gave them to Mosheh (Moses).

He engraved His Name using four ancient Hebrew letters, (Yod-Hay-Uau-Hay). 
Y (Yod) 
H (Hay) 
U (Uau) or [W (Waw)] 
H (Hay)

The Name of Yahuah is often represented by the Latin letters: YHUH or [YHWH]. 
In their original form, they appeared like this: HUHY or [HWHY]
See thorough explanation of the letters “U”, “W” and “V” under the heading “Pronunciation of the Name of Father YHUH” further down the Page! 

It is the Autograph of the Creator of the universe. YUHY did not write in a Babylonian script (now called modern Hebrew), but rather the ancient (Paleo) or primary Hebrew, and did so consistently throughout Scripture in the handwriting of the inspired Nebi’im (Prophets). It’s important to understand that the ancient Hebrew letters sound the same [using NO VOWEL POINTING], although they look drastically different from the “modern” Babylonian script more commonly seen today. In the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls, we find the Almighty’s Name clearly written in the Paleo Hebrew script.

YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 34:16 admonishes us to seek the book/scroll of YHUH and in that scroll we find YHUH’s Name written in the ancient, primary Hebrew.
How did we come to embrace the Babylonian script (modern Hebrew)? The House of Yahudah (Judah) was taken captive to Babylon around 586 BCE. Upon their release after 70 years, they brought back the Babylonian letter shapes which we now refer to as “modern Hebrew”. About half the book of Dani’el (one of the Babylonian captives) is written in the original Hebrew and the rest in the Babylonian script. About 400 BCE, the scribe Ezra also adopted the square form of Babylonian Hebrew that we see today.

As scrolls would wear out, the scribes copied the scrolls in the newer Babylonian letter shapes for the general text, but one word was faithfully preserved in the original form. When they came to the Name, they carefully preserved the Paleo – Hebrew form (YHUH) in it’s authentic form.

Our FATHER’S Name is mentioned 6,823 times in the Tanak (First Covenant or Old Testament). We also know that the earliest copies of the Septuagint (LXX) translation into Greek preserved the Paleo Hebrew for YHUH’s Name, whereas later copies used the Greek word “Kurios/Lord” to replace it. By replacing it, they wiped it out. The LXX transliterated the spelling of Yahusha (KJV: “Joshua”) into the Greek letters IESOUS for the successor of Mosheh (Moses). Those who rely on this as “evidence” that it is acceptable to allow the Greek form to trump the original Hebrew are simply moving the error further into the past and not recognizing it as a corruption. The Greek alphabet is unable to convey the correct sounds of certain Hebrew letters because it has no “SH” sound and no letter “Y”.

The third commandment in Shemoth (Exodus) 20:7 declares we are NOT to “shoah” (destroy) YHUH’s Name, or cast His Name to ruin. Yet, by denying or avoiding YHUH’s Name and the Name of His Son Yahusha, both Judaism and Christianity have done exactly that, breaking the third commandment.

The word “naught” or “vain” in the above passages of Scripture comes from the Hebrew Root word . . .
H7723 [shawv, shav]
From the same as H7722 in the sense of desolatingevil (as destructive), literally (ruin) or morally (especially guile); figuratively idolatry (as false, subjectively), uselessness (as deceptive, objectively; also adverbially in vain): – false (-ly), lie, lyingvain, vanity.







When we refuse to use the TRUE SET APART NAME of the Father and replace His Name with titles or UN-scriptural Names, we actually make ourselves GUILTY of IDOLATRY! The Hebrew word “shawv” explains this practice as EVIL!  

Will we continue to follow the WRONG example of religion and tradition to desolate and ruin the Name of our Almighty by replacing His Name with titles used for ALL pagan deities (god and lord), or will we align to Scripture and STOP bringing His SET-APART COVENANT NAME (YHUH – Yahuah) to naught as YHUH commands us to do through Scripture?    

While in Babylon, the House of Yahu-dah was enslaved. They heard the Babylonians using the Name in disrespectful ways, profaning it. To help prevent this from happening, those in leadership put into effect a ban against pronouncing YHUH’s Name, declaring it to be “ineffable”. By never saying the Name, it quickly became unknown to even the Yehudim (Jews). This ban is completely contrary to Scripture. 
In Scripture, 
YHUH commands us over and over again to utter, proclaim and lift up His authentic COVENANT Name. 

It’s of paramount importance to understand that if we continue to use counterfeit names or devices for the Father and His Son’s Names, we will not be in true worship, nor truly know the One we serve; we will leave ourselves open for the enemy to step in as the author of confusion and we will be deceived. 

Yahusha, the Son of YAHUAH mentioned that “they” had “taken away the key of knowledge” (Luqas 11:52), but He was restoring it again.  We find in Bereshith (Genesis) 4:26 that YHUH’s Name began to be called upon and continued to be called upon up to and during the first Temple period. 

When the House of Yahudah was taken captive to Babylon, the Pagan Babylonian influences took a firm grip on their hearts and minds. In our modern translations, we see the result of this ban of “ineffability” in the fact that YHUH’s Name has been entirely omitted and replaced with titles like God and Lord, or terms which can apply to any Pagan deity, more than six thousand eight-hundred times. By replacing the true Name into the text as it was originally written, we have done what has not been done since the first translation was made in the 2nd century BCE. That first translation from Hebrew to Greek has been named the “Septuagint” and is abbreviated with the Latin letters for “seventy”: LXX.

Mishley (Proverbs) 30:4 asks us a crucial question: “What is His (Father’s) Name and what is His Son’s Name?” 
Rabbinical Judaism calls YHUH by the
 substitute terms, “HaShem, Adonai, or God” – none of which are His Name – they are mere titles or pronouns. 
 Christianity, they use “Jehovah” for the Father and “Jesus” for the Son, both of which are NOT authentic – they are imprinted with the corruptions found in the Greek and Latin alphabets. 

Father and Son’s Names can’t be “Jehovah” or “Jesus”, because there is no letter “J” in Hebrew (the letter “J” appeared on Earth during the mid 16th century).
The Greek added the ending letter “S” to the Name of Yahusha.



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