“EN uit die aarde het ek ‘n ander dier sien opkom, en hy het twee howings gehad het soos ‘n lam en het gepraat soos ‘n draak.”
Hoe verklaar die Skrif dit vir ons:

Uit die aarde?

[Definition of Earth from the Strong’s Concordance is:

Earth = Soil, Land, Region, Country, Inhabitants of a region.]
[The Old Testament Hebrew term, asitia (earth) also refers to the physical earth as “Elohim’s arena” – “the physical theater” in which our eternal destiny freely plays our.]

[The Greece description for earth is:

1) Arable Land:

Matthews 13:5 –> “Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth”
Matthews 13:8 –> “. .fell into good ground. .”
Mark 4:8 –> “. .fell on good ground. .yield fruit. .”

The earthy material out of which a thing is formed, with the implied idea of frailty and weakness:

1 Cor 15:47 –> “The first man is of the earth. .”

Arable = 1. (of land) suitable for crop production, 2. (of crops) that can be grown an arable land.

2) The ground, the earth as a standing place:

Matthews 10:29 –> “. .one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. .”
Matthews 15:35 –> “. .He commanded the multitude to sit down on the ground. .”
Matthews 23:35 –> “. .upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth. .”
Matthews 27:51 –> “. .the earth did quake, and the rocks rent.”
Mark 9:20 –> “. .and he fell on the ground. .”

3) The main land, apposed to sea or water:

Mark 4:1 –> “. .the whole multitude was by the sea on the land.”
Luke 5:3 –> “. .thrust out a little from the land. .”
Luke 8:27 –> “. .he went forth the land. .”

4) The earth as a whole, the world (Latin: “terrarumorbis”):

a) The earth as apposed to the heaven:

Matthews 5:18 –> “. .till have and earth pass. .”
Matthews 5:35 –> “. .the earth. .it is His footstool. .”
Matthews 6:10 –> “. .the will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. .”
Acts 2:19 –> “. .I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath: blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke. .”

b) The inhabited earth, the abode of men and animals:

Luke 21:35 –> “. .as a snare shall it come on all the that dwell on the face of the whole earth. .”
Acts 1:8 –> “. .the uttermost part of the earth. .”
Acts 10:11-12 –> “. .let down to earth: wherein were all manner a four footed beast of the earth.. ”
Acts 17:26 –> “all nations of men for to dwell on a face of the earth. .”
Revelations 3:10 –> “. .which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. .

5) A country, land enclosed within fixed boundaries, a tract of land, territory and region:

Luke 4:25 –> “. .Verily, I say unto you, no prophet is accepted in his own country.”
Luke 21:23 –> “. .there shall be great distress in the land. .”
Rom 9:28 –> “For he will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness; because a short work will YAHUSHA make upon the earth.”
James 5:17 –> “. .it rained not on the earth by the space of 3 years and 6 months.”

6) Out of the dust of the earth:

Gen 2:7 –> “. .YAHUAH Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground. .” 
According to the definition of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (G1093):

Earth = Country, Ground, Land, World

Definition: Contracted from a primary word soil; by extention a region, or the solid part of the w.hole of the terrene including the occupants in each application – country, earth (-ly), ground and world.”

Numbers 16:32 –> “and the earth opened its mounth and swallowed them up. .” (see also Numbers 26:10).

7) Scripture also speaks of earth as if it has a character: 

Revelation 12:16 –> “. .the earth opened  its mouth and swallowed up the river. .”

8) Coming up out of earth (possible through it’s mouth):

1 Sam 28:13 –> “. .I saw a spirit coming up out of the earth.”

Another look at the Lamb-Like beast (Rev 13:11):

“The full symbolism is as follows. The first beast is followed by a second, who rises up out of the earth. He is less formidable in appearance. Nor is his origin in the stormy sea, but from the more quiet and more stable earth. He looks like a lamb, it seems, for he has horns as of a lamb. But when he speaks, he reminds one of the awful red dragon. He stands in a very definite relation to the first beast. Repeatedly this is indicated in the text. He exercises all his authority in the sight of, in the presence of, in behalf of, as servant of the first beast. All that he does he does in the presence of the first beast. And therefore, the purpose of this second beast lies in the service of the first. And this soon becomes apparent. For the second beast causes the inhabitants of the world to wonder after the first, admire him, and worship him. This second beast makes man build an image of the first beast, in order to worship the beast through his image. This second beast causes all the worshippers of the beast to receive a sign which distinguishes them from those who refuse to worship the first beast, in order that they may be killed. This second beast is, therefore, as it were, the actual power of the first; and the first works and exercises his power through the second. The first beast could not exist and could not exercise his authority and would not be worshipped without the work of the second beast. And the second beast would have no reason to exist and to work, were it not for the fact that this first beast must reach its full power.”

The Activity Of The Second Beast

If we understand this, it is not very difficult to comprehend the action of the second beast. In the first place, we read in the text that he does great things, signs and wonders, and that it is exactly through these that he succeeds in gaining men for his cause and deceiving them. Naturally a prophet must do signs and wonders. These must establish his prophetic authority, the truth of the things he speaks. Thus it was with Moses before Pharaoh, and at the same time with the magi of the king. They performed signs and wonders to impress the authority with which they appeared. Thus it was with Elijah on Carmel, with Mashiah as a prophet, with the appearance of the apostles in the midst of the heathen world. They all performed signs and wonders in order that these might corroborate the truth of their message. Thus it is also in the antiMashiahians world-power. This second beast performs signs and wonders. So it was foretold already by Daniel the prophet. The AntiMashiah will perform marvellous things. So it is prophesied by Mashiah Himself: “For there shall arise false Mashiah’s (they call themselves by the known name Christ) and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect,” (Matthew 24:24).

So it was also foretold by the apostle Paul, who predicted that the man of sin should manifest himself in great signs and wonders. And thus we find it in the words of our text. The second beast, the false prophet, the power of this false philosophy and science and religion, shall do things which will astonish the world and which will cause all men to flock to him, to listen to his prophecy, and to worship the beast.

What shall this power do? There are interpreters who take it all in the literal sense of the word and who claim that this second beast represents a person who will actually perform miracles. We are not inclined that way. All that is necessary is to assume that this great power will do things that will corroborate his teachings, and thus establish the universal kingdom. He will not only talk, but he will show that he can do things in harmony with the message he brings. He will apply his science and philosophy and show that man is extremely powerful. He will bring fire from heaven. Why not? Through the power of electricity man has already done great things. In the future he may actually be able to extract the fire from the clouds of heaven and bring it down in the sight of all men. He will provide men with all the commodities and all the conveniences and pleasures modern science can invent, so that they can fly through the air without danger, speak with their fellow men in the remotest corner of this great kingdom without trouble, enter into the bowels of the earth and plow through the depth of the sea. It is that false philosophy that will discover all the powers of creation and bring them into use, so that all men shall wonder at the great things it does. And wondering at its action, they shall follow him and believe his message and obey his command. {“For example, people exalted the name which were given by the beast power to replace the true NAME, YAHUSHA; so they may exalt that name of a idol while they thinking that it was the actual power of YAHUSHA who did it.”}

This is evidently the sole, ultimate purpose of these signs and wonders, that men may believe and follow the beast. For we read in the words of our text that by these he so deceives men that they make an image {“an image can also be something which is invisible”} of the beast. Notice that this false prophet does not make the image, but that under his influence, as he speaks for the beast and performs signs and wonders in his name, men make such an image. This image is, of course, a representation of the beast itself, so that whosoever worships the image worships the beast, and he who worships the beast worships the dragon.

Exactly of what this image shall consist we do not know at present. The idea of an image through which the world-power is worshipped is nothing strange. The emperors of the Roman Empire had such images made {“Constantine was also part of this Roman Power”}, through which they were worshipped as gods. And to come to more recent times, in the French Revolution we well know how images of the great leaders of that revolution were made and worshipped, how men paid religious worship to the images of liberty, equality, and fraternity that were made, and how in the Notre Dame of Paris the goddess of reason was actually worshipped by the great of France. And therefore, there would be nothing strange if in these latter days there would be once more such idol-worship in the literal sense of the word. At all events, some sign, some ensign, some device, representing this universal world-power will be conceived of and made and distributed all through the dominion of AntiMashiah, that they may pay divine honor to it and worship the beast. Before that emblem of the universal world-power all men shall bow down. {“The name “Jesus Christ” was the creation of the Roman-power.”} 

Still greater things this false prophet is allowed to perform. He gives to that image a spirit, a breath of life {“remember that worship is more a spiritual action the physical”}. Also this cannot be definitely explained with a view to its realization. How this universal idol shall speak, I know not. . . . . .We know the purpose of it all. The text tells us that this image is given a breath of life in order that it may speak and that those who do not worship the image may be killed. There are still saints of the Most High on earth; the remnant of the seed of the woman is still there (Rev 12:17). They are not yet taken to heaven. And they, of course, refuse to go along with all this beautiful and worldwide movement. They refuse to adopt the philosophy of the second beast. They refuse to wonder at its great signs. They refuse to adopt its religion. They refuse to worship the beast and the dragon. And therefore they cannot be tolerated. They must be discovered, so that this great universal kingdom may be rid of them. And therefore an image must be made, some universal ensign. And that universal ensign must be displayed everywhere. Wherever you turn you can see it in this kingdom of the AntiMashiah, and all humbly bow down before it or in some way pay it divine honor. But the saints of the Most High refuse to worship the idol. And thus it speaks. The universal insignia is the means through which it becomes evident who do not worship the beast, so that they may be killed. Distinction, separation, must now be made between the seed of the woman and the followers and worshippers of the beast. And this universal idol must serve as the means through which the distinction is realized.

In close connection with this idea is the idea of the sign. When, by means of the image, distinction is made between the followers of the beast and those who refuse to worship him, the faithful followers receive a sign. Of little importance it is for us at present to determine exactly in what this sign shall consist. It may be that the kingdom shall literally provide for some brand or badge, or button which the beast’s faithful followers shall be allowed to wear and with which they shall be allowed to appear in modern society. In our age of badges and buttons this idea is not farfetched. But it also may be that this is all symbolism, to denote that there shall be a visible difference in the manifestation of the followers of the beast and the followers of Christ.

Certain it is that the difference shall be there and that the difference shall be very plain. The false prophet, the power of false science and philosophy and religion, shall see to it that the distinction is very public and evident to all, so that only his followers may share in the blessings of this great kingdom. Just as only the followers of Mashiah, baptized in His name and confessing Him faithfully, shall share in the blessings of the kingdom Mashiah will establish, so also the followers of the beast only shall reap the benefits of this universal world-kingdom. The rest, who do not wear the mark of the beast, shall be excluded, shall be boycotted in every respect. They shall not be able to buy or to sell. Of course, all things are under the control of the first beast, of this great and universal world-power. The very necessities of life are in his power. And he can surely allow or prevent buying and selling according to his good pleasure. The saints of Mashiah, who do not worship the image, who refuse to receive the mark of the beast, shall not be able to do business, shall not be able to live along with that great society, shall not be able to buy the necessities of life. They shall be outcasts, mocked at, held in derision, thrust aside, ousted from society, and killed. Those shall be terrible days. More terrible shall they be than any form of persecution the children of Elohim have ever experienced. There shall be no place for them on earth. They shall be left without a helper on earth. So terrible shall those days be that, in the first place, many shall fall who appeared to be children of the Most High, and that, in the second place, the very elect would not be able to resist, were it not for the fact that the days are shortened.”

“En uit die aarde het ek ‘n ander dier (Dit is ‘n ander dier. Die Griekse woord wat hier gebruik word is ALLOS wat beteken ‘n ander een, maar van die selfde soort.) sien opkom, en hy het twee horings gehad net soos ‘n lam (Hy sal hom voordoen as ‘n groot kerklike leier, maar die lam het twee horings (hy lyk en praat soos YAHUSHA, maar is nie YAHUSHA nie) Die ware lam in Openbaring 5:6 het sewe horings gehad, die ware YAHUSHA. Wees waaksaam teen die valse twee horings.) en het gepraat soos ‘n draak. (Hierdie is die valse profeet. Hy sal probeer om die QODESH RUAH op aarde te vervang.) 12 En hy oefen al die mag van die eerste dier uit voor sy oë, en hy maak (dwing) dat die aarde en die wat daarop woon, die eerste dier aanbid, (Die valse profeet sal wetgewing daar stel sodat almal die AntiMashiah aanbid.) waarvan die dodelike wond genees is. (Die gevalle engel of satanistiese prins is nou losgelaat en hy sal ook al sy krag in die antiMashiah plaas.) 13 Hy doen ook groot tekens, sodat hy selfs vuur uit die hemel laat neerdaal op die aarde (Hy sal baie groot en kragtige wonderwerke doen en baie mense bedrieg.) voor die oë van die mense. 14 En hy verlei die bewoners van die aarde deur die tekens wat hom gegee is om voor die oë van die dier te doen, (hy kan slegs hierdie dinge in die teenwoordigheid van die antiMashiah doen) deur aan die bewoners van die aarde te sę dat hulle ‘n beeld moet maak vir die dier wat die swaardwond ontvang en lewendig geword het. 15 En dit is hom gegee om ‘n gees aan die dier se beeld te gee, (Dit kan ‘n hologram wees, of hulle is tans besig om mens en rekenaar met mekaar te verenig. Dit kan dalk een van hierdie bioniese mense wees.) sodat die dier se beeld ook sal praat en maak dat almal gedood word wat die dier se beeld nie aanbid nie.(Die vals profeet sal dit implementeer en afdwing.) 16 En hy maak dat aan almal, klein en groot, en die rykes en die armes, en die vrymense en die slawe ‘n merk op hulle regterhand en op (die meer korekte woord sou in wees) hulle voorhoofde gegee word;(Hier word verwys na ‘n mikroskyfie wat in jou ingeplant sal word. Dit is die merk van die dier. ) 17 sodat niemand kan koop of verkoop nie, behalwe hy wat die merk het. 18 Hier kom die wysheid te pas. Wie die verstand het, laat hom die getal van die dier bereken, (In die Griekse en Hebreuse alfabet is daar nie aparte syfers nie. Elke letter het ook ‘n numeriese waarde. Met ander woorde die naam van die antiMashiah sal ‘n numeriese waarde van 666 hê.) want dit is die getal van ‘n mens; en sy getal is ses honderd ses en sestig.”

Die gaan in werklikheid oor die geloof en aanbidding van YAHUSHA (Mattheus 1:21) die Mashiah, teenoor die antiMashiah world-power se “Jesus Christus”. Baie gelowiges sal hierteen stry, en min sal saamstem, want dit is so aangeteken.

Die creation van “Jesus Christus” is soos volg:

FROM: God’s Book of Eskra, Prof. S.L. MacGuire’s translation, Salisbury, 1922, chapter xlviii, paragraphs 36, 41. [Roman Catholic mix of history and legend.] 

“Constantine’s intention at Nicea was to create an entirely new god for his empire who would unite all religious factions under one deity. Presbyters were asked to debate and decide who their god would be. Delegates argued among themselves, expressing personal motives for inclusion of particular writings that promoted the finer traits of their own special deity. Throughout the meeting, howling factions were immersed in heated debates, and the names of 53 gods were tabled for discussion. “As of yet, no god had been selected by the council, and so they balloted in order to determine that matter. . .For one year and five months the balloting lasted. . .” 

FROM: Historia Ecclesiastica, Eusebius, c. 325. 

“At the end of that time, Constantine returned to the gathering to discover that the presbyters had not agreed on a new deity, but had balloted down to a short list of five prospects: Caesar, Crishna [Krishna], Mithra, Horus, and Zeus [Roman Jupiter].” 

FROM: Acta Concilii Nicaeni, 1618.
“Constantine was the ruling spirit at Nicaea and he ultimately decided upon a new god for them. To involve British factions, he ruled that the name of the Druid god, “Hesus,” be joined with the Eastern Savior-god, Krishna (Krishna is Sanskrit for Christ), and thus “Hesus Krishna” [Jesus Christ] would be the official name of the New Roman god. A vote was taken and it was with a majority show of hands (161 votes to 157) that both [man-made] divinities become one god. Following long-standing heathen custom, Constantine used the official gathering and the Roman apotheosis decree to legally deify two deities as one, and did so by democratic consent. A new god was proclaimed and “officially” ratified by Constantine.”

FROM: Article “Constantine’s Creation of Jesus Christ”, http://www.thecreatorscalendar.com
“In light of the historical record above it becomes difficult at best to deny that “Jesus Christ” is a fictional name, proactively fashioned to replace the true name of the Messiah. Apparently, this new fabricated name was applied throughout the pages of the Scripture’s Brit Hadasha (NT), radically altering every reference of YAHUSHA יהושׁע (H#3091) the Messiah to “Hail Zeus-Krishna” (Jesus Christ). Deceptively, the reference to Christ was never a Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Messiah, but rather, it specifically comes from the name of a pagan god, Christna, most commonly spelled Krishna.”


8a) Come up out of the Earth: What else came out of the earth?

Genesis 2:6 –> “. .a mist went up from the earth and watered the entire surface of the ground.”

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