CHRISTMAS: Baal worship?


Biblical Connection

The sacred Yggdrasil tree The sacred Yggdrasil tree

Foolish is the one who enters into research with conclusions before they have uncovered the facts. Far more foolish is the one who refuses to research and “prove all things” before doing them. Also, too many today offend GOD in their desire to avoid offending others.

I have written on the subject of the pagan “holy days” (i.e. holidays) as celebrated by many around the world including four of the eight pagan witch sabbaths or holidays known as Yule or Christmas, Ostara or Easter, Litha or Midsummer’s Day, and Samhain or Halloween. These holidays are some of the better known of the eight Baal sabbaths which occur on the quarterly and cross-quarterly milestones of the earth’s rotation around the sun.  A full list of the eight witch sabbaths can be seen here and here.

The Wheel of the Sun or Wheel of the Year from the ancient witchcraft practices of Baal worship The Wheel of the Sun or Wheel of the Year…

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