SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NOT THE 6th AND 7th day, and I you say that it is…

That is where you wrong, my dear friend. YAHUAH told us via Daniel 7:25 “. . .it. . .change Appointed Times and Law. .”.

YAHUAH said “. .My Appointed Times, are these: 1) The 7th day Sabbath of rest. . . .” (Lev 23:2-3).

The Appointed Times the devil has changed was the 7th day Sabbath of rest, and the 6 other feast.

What did satan really do when he changed the Times? If he was attended to sit on the Mount of Congregation (YeshaYahu `4:12-14), what must he do? He wants all nation to wonder after him.

That is exactly wat he did! he created another day of worship and called it “the Lord’s Day”, he change the Scripture by remove the holy Name of of YAHUAH by replaced it with the pagan title “the Lord”. Meanwhile, unknowingly, Baal is called “the Lord”. “The Lord’s day” are Saturday and Sunday. Sunday is called Sol’s Day or “the day of the sun”, Sol worship is sun worship. Saturday is called Saturn’s Day or Saturnalia’s worship day. Saturnalia is linked with Baal, and Baal with Sol.

Exodus 20:3-6 in short is saying:
– YAHUAH is your Elohim, who brought you out of the land of Slavery (of sin)
– You have no other mighty one against My face
– You do not make for yourself a carved imaged of anything.

By worshipping on any day which are appointed by the devil is part of IDOL worship! You do not only go to his gatherings, you also bow down to him, and call him “my Lord”.

The gentlemen, which you are mentioning in Daniel 1 abide them to te authorities which YAHUAH appoint OVER them. But when they were called to worship on Saturn’s day, they SAID NO! The idol of Babel is both Sol and Saturn, Babel and the tower of babel where build to esteem their idol to be YAHUAH equal!!

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