The true sabbath is not on the weekend.

A study of Scripture: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all together.

Do a study of the crucifixion, then you will see that YAHUSHA had the passover on 14th Abib at night. On the morning of 15th Abib He went through an series of trails; about the 6th (12h00) hour He was crucified and on the 9th hour (15h00) He died. The 16th where the Preparation day for Sabbath. The 17th of Abib was Sabbath. This is the Gospel of YAHUSHA the Mashiah.

If Saturday where on the Scriptural 7th day, why are the Sabbath of the 17th of Abib NOT on the Gregorian’s 7th day?

The Scriptural Calendar does NOT change, year after year it stays the same; 17th of Abib is always, year after year, on the same day.

On what day of March 2018 does Abib 17th fall?

The 1st day of Abib was on the 17th of March, for that is the day when “the young ear of the grain were the first time visible”. On this day the first seen faint crescent of the new moon was visible. Therefore, the1st month of the year is usually whose new moon occurs nearest to the spring equinox (18/03/2018).

The 7th day are actually on a Tuesday 3 April 2018 (17th Abib), NOT on Saturday or Sunday.

17th of Abib is on Tuesday 3 April 2018
The same day since the actual Sabbath of 0034be, until 2018
Study Scripture and witness that TRUTH are QODESH (set-apart) from the abomination Gregorian calendar.
Scriptural calendar vs Gregorian 2018

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