Scriptural Calendar look like this:
A month start with new moon (day 1).
Day 7 must be on the half moon (Day 7 evening to day 8 evening)
Day 14 must be on full moon (Day 14 evening to day 15 evening)
Day 21 must be on half moon (Day 21 evening to day 22 evening)
Last Sabbath of month is day 28 (Day 28 evening to day 29 evening)
The next day 12hours is the moon dark moon.
With the next new moon – Everything start all over again.

YAHUSHA did everything YAHUAH taught Him to do, YAHUSHA fulfill the history as it was told in the Old Testament. That mean that YAHUSHA had to kept Exodus 12 according to every that was taught.
On the 10th Jerusalem got the perfect Lamb.
On the 14th of Abib the Perfect Lamb was slaughtered as a sacrificial offering for sin.
The 14th was also been kept as the first day on which the Unleavened bread was eaten (at evening remember).

Sow YAHUSHA must have had the passover on the 14th night time. (Night came before day), and been crucified on 14th day time.

According to the writers of “The Great Calendar Controversy,”, they give proof that on the 14th of Abib it was full moon.

The problem came with the part in Scripture which say that sabbath was during the time YAHUSHA was dead!

“This would play so into Satan’s pocket, because he can now proof that Sabbath is on another day then as the moon appoints it.”

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